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Because ballet became formalized in Francea significant part of ballet terminology is in the French language. In dance particularly balletarabesque French: The arm positions can vary and are generally allongé. Rounded, in contrast with allongé 'stretched out', as in arabesque. A jump that takes off from one foot and lands on two feet. When initiated with two feet on the ground e. The dancer one pass incontri into a jump, with the second foot then meeting the first foot before landing. A petit assemblé is when a dancer one pass incontri standing on one foot with the other extended. The dancer then does a small jump to meet the first foot. The height of the knee versus the foot and the angle of the knee flexion will vary depending on the techniques. The working leg can be held behind derrièrein front devantor to the side à la seconde of the body. The alignment of the thigh compared to the midline in Attitude derrière will vary depending on the techniques. The foot of the supporting leg may be flat on the floor, en demi-pointe ball of the footor en pointe tips of the toes.

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Rounded, in contrast with allongé 'stretched out', as in arabesque. A suite of individual dances that serves as a showpiece for lead dancers, demi-soloists , and in some cases the corps de ballet. In the Cecchetti method, the specifically indicates a spring from fifth position while raising one foot to sur le cou-de-pied. As soon as the bottom of the bend is reached, the bend is reversed and the legs are straightened. A fast sequence of half turns performed by stepping onto one leg, and completing the turn by stepping onto the other, performed on the balls of the feet or high on the toes, with the legs held very close together. The working leg returns out of retiré nearing the end of a single rotation to restart the entire leg motion for successive rotations. The front leg brushes straight into the air in a grand battement , as opposed to from développé or an unfolding motion. An alternating side-to-side movement of the working non-supporting leg. A tombé through second starts with a dégagé of the leading leg to second position, the leading foot coming to the floor with the leg in plié, and the trailing leg lifting off the floor in dégagé to the opposite-side second position. Double and triple frappés involve tapping the foot flexed or pointed at both cou-de-pied devant or wrapped and derrière before extending out. This step can also be found in Scottish highland dance.

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