Kitty Who Wouldn’t Stop Meowing Was Trying To Say Something To His Rescuer

The time Alana Hadley, of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, came home with her new adopted kitty, Ares, she was happy to support him settling into his brand new life — but Ares looked worried.


The 4-month-old cat was adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Door County Campus. It is a reasonable guess that a homeless kitty would be pleased to be accepted to his permanent home for the very first time. However, there was certainly something troubling Ares. He would not quit crying regardless of what Hadley did.

“I originally thought he was meowing because he wanted attention and to be by us,” Hadley informed The Dada. Along with plenty of love and care, she attempted offering Ares stuffed animals to help calm him.

But whatever Hadley would do, Ares would at some point begin meowing once again. And Hadley had a suspicion as to what was actually not right.