These 15 Cats Have The Craziest Markings Ever

Cats are very fascinating creatures. Not only are they cute, but they are also smart and have very distinct personalities. Often compared to ninjas, cats have been referred to as “masters of disguise” for a long time now. The cats featured below take their “costumes” and “masks” to whole new level. They have some of the most unique markings on their fur! Prepare to be stunned!

1. Check out this bandit cat!

2. He looks like a cinnamon roll!

3. Is this batman?

4. I wouldn’t mess with this cat – he has four eyes!

5. There is a small cat on his nose!

6. This one has a cat on his back!

7. This cat looks like he is made of marble.


8. Two-face, is that you?

9. Looks like he is wearing fake ears.

10. Oh look, its Kitler!

11. When this kitten curls up, he shows off a perfectly symmetrical heart!

12. Black cat with a pink nose – how cute!

13. With a lightning bolt on his forehead, he looks like he could be the Harry Potter of cats!

14. A cat with a heart!


15. Is that chocolate chip cookie on his tummy?!