These 15 Donkeys Are So Adorable They Will Melt Your Heart

As an animal lover, I feel that every animal is beautiful. I spend a lot of time looking at animal pictures online and the more unusual they are, the more I love them. There is something that I’m sure we would all agree on, however, and that is the fact that a younger version of any animal is always going to be adorable. It doesn’t matter what they look like when they grow up, they can melt hearts when they are young.

Although there are many cute baby animals out there, there is one particular animal that just seems to be over-the-top adorable when they are younger. Donkeys are certainly on that list and if you have never seen many baby donkeys before, you are in for a real treat. These animals are not only cute, they are also very loving and they just seem to attach themselves to the other animals that share their lives. These pictures are sure to make you smile from the heart but be warned, you will want to go hug a baby donkey once you see them.


1. This is Sparky and he is only one week old. Not only is he a baby, he is also a miniature donkey and he needed a companion. Unfortunately, his mother rejected him after giving birth but he finds comfort in Ted, his favorite teddy bear.

2. When a little donkey meets a little human.


3. This little guy is almost too cute for words.

4. Meeting the neighbors.

5. This little guy is extra fluffy.

6. I could curl up with him and take a nap.

7. Dougie has some unusual markings.


8. He is only 7 weeks old and ready to take on the world.


9. Having a wonderful day.

10. This is so cute. I just want to hug an animal right now.


They found this little guy in the barn. This is his first baby picture.


Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers.


He doesn’t know he is tiny.